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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

in the clear.

well. not that you knew, but i had a biopsy recently.

although i never freaked out and had any kind of meltdown over it, i was still moderately freaked out. me? a biopsy?

NO. that was what i wanted to say, right up until the biopsy was actually BEING taken.

do you think i face problems head on, or that i try to avoid dealing with them at all costs? just guess.

anyway. i had the biopsy. and it hurt. and i was afraid. and cold. and alone.

it was the low, slow kind of afraid that doesn't really believe that i will ever hear the word cancer when my health is discussed. but. it recognizes that anything is possible.

so, yes. this motivated me to finally mail in my life insurance beneficiary designation forms, a year and a half after i actually got life insurance.

but, today i got a phone call informing me that i am CLEAR. all clear. healthy as a horse, as my doctors always seem to like to tell me.


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