two verys

Thursday, June 24, 2010

boy, i tell ya.

last week, i spent the entire week having my brain sucked out of my head with a straw participating in a CI event at work.

while i was doing that, ERIC GOT THE JOB.


so, over the weekend, we found an apartment, signed a lease, and plopped down a big chunk of change. and then i cried. and then my bank account cried.

and then, this week? another brain suck. three words: internal auditor training. three clause-filled days of it. oh yeah. you want to BE me!

don't you???

anywho. in my infinite wisdom, i scrambled around this afternoon at work so that i will be able to take tomorrow off. somehow, some way, i gotta get my brain back.

so, tomorrow i will be scrubbing cupboards and putting down shelf liner and unpacking dishes and pots and pans. and then maybe? i'll cook something! in my own kitchen!

or, i might just melt into a puddle. i'll have to take it as it comes.

Monday, June 14, 2010

the wait might be over.

that's all i know for now.

let's just say that SOMEone (who happens to be engaged to the author of this blog) got a voice mail from an HR representative today. regarding the interview that he went to on friday.

both of our brains are zipping along at a billion miles per hour. hopefully he gets in touch with her tomorrow.

change! bring it.

Friday, June 11, 2010

waiting never was my strength.

i am filled with bad qualities. i'm lazy. i tend to want to be right all the time. i have a sugar addiction. to name a few.

also: i want. all the time. instant gratification has been my lifelong quest. i have wasted so much time lamenting my lack of ability to achieve instant gratification that i could have plodded on to some worthwhile goals by now.

the waiting! i dropped eric off and now i have to wait. so, for now, i am sitting in a coffeeshop and desperately trying not to chug my nonfat hazelnut latte. while also trying desperately not to strangle the 15-year-olds that are flirting behind me. they're pretending to be studying, but there is way too much giggling and "um... i don't KNOOOOW"-ing going on for it to be legitimate studying. "hehehehehehe!!!"

it makes me glad that i will never have to be a 15-year-old again. anywho. off to continue waiting with absolutely zero patience and grace.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

job. job. job. job. job. job.

tomorrow, eric has a job interview.

it's an important job interview. he needs the job.

WE need the job. we want to get married. get a place.

all those pesky things that young folks in love strive for.

anyway. keep him in your thoughts, prayers, meditations, chants... whatever.

job. job. job. job. job. job.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

in honor of my biopsy.

it'll make your life better.

do you hear that? it's the sound of angels singing. the sky has opened. the rains have ceased. i finally, at long last, found my one true love.

don't tell eric.

i have been wanting something like this since i first saw OPI's Grape Wall of China in action: a nice matte purple-y color that wasn't too light.

i got mine at rite-aid. it's from the sally hansen complete salon line. it has an awesome wide brush that makes application a breeze. once you get used to the feel, you can cover an entire fingernail with ONE pass.

this color went on my toes about a week ago and i don't see how i'm ever going to stop painting them this color. it's beautiful. magical. shiny. smooth. purple.

you'll love it. unless, of course, you don't like purple. in which case... i'm sorry, i can't help you.

your problems lie outside my area of expertise.

in the clear.

well. not that you knew, but i had a biopsy recently.

although i never freaked out and had any kind of meltdown over it, i was still moderately freaked out. me? a biopsy?

NO. that was what i wanted to say, right up until the biopsy was actually BEING taken.

do you think i face problems head on, or that i try to avoid dealing with them at all costs? just guess.

anyway. i had the biopsy. and it hurt. and i was afraid. and cold. and alone.

it was the low, slow kind of afraid that doesn't really believe that i will ever hear the word cancer when my health is discussed. but. it recognizes that anything is possible.

so, yes. this motivated me to finally mail in my life insurance beneficiary designation forms, a year and a half after i actually got life insurance.

but, today i got a phone call informing me that i am CLEAR. all clear. healthy as a horse, as my doctors always seem to like to tell me.


my lean cuisine life.

i know i haven't really been tearing it up over here. i have just felt like i haven't had much to say.

today, when i was eating a lean cuisine for lunch, i realized why.

lean cuisines are sort of weird. boring. unsatisfying.

they look like food, even though they rarely look like the picture on the box.

they kind of taste like food.

they actually all taste the same to me, and they leave me with a bad aftertaste. on the upside, they do manage to get calories, protein, fiber, and nutrients into my body.

they never satisfy me. i feel like i just gulped down a giant glass of air with sauce after i eat a lean cuisine. and then? 20-30 minutes later, i'm ravenous.

this is how i feel about my life. it looks like a normal life. i get up and go about my daily routine, i do fun things on the weekends, i hold down a job, etc. my life is like a lean cuisine imitation of a really awesome and satisfying life. it looks great, but leaves a bit to be desired in the satisfaction and flavor department.

that's so sad. i used to be one of those people who believed that "only boring people get bored." i have done a lot, i have tried new things, i have dug deep.... and i'm chronically, helplessly, dispairingly BORED.