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Thursday, April 22, 2010


so, i put wicked on hold at the library on january 20th and it still isn't in.

is it really worth it?

i mean, i'm 1 of 8 on the hold list, so of course i'm going to wait... but sheesh.

is it that good? 3 months of waiting?

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  1. I didn't enjoy it at all, I guess because I was expecting a lighthearted fantasy romance just like the musical (which I had already seen), and did not enjoy the heavy political undertones. Also I did not warm to the characters, which is crucial for me for enjoying a book. So I would say its not worth the wait at all, but it depends on what you like! After I was trash talking it my brother's girlfriend read it and loved it, but she is one of those insanely smart people. Like those girls at high school that read Orwell's Animal Farm and could talk for hours about WW2 references, whereas I saw it as a book about talking farm animals, similar to Charlotte's Web.

    Not sure if that is helpful or not... Anyway, good luck with the wait!